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NCS Script

Opening of the Net

Good evening everyone. Calling the St. Croix ARC ARES net, calling the St. Croix ARC ARES net, this is , and I will be your net control this evening.

This net meets weekly every Monday at 7pm on this frequency, 147.250 Mega-Hertz. All amateurs are welcome to check in. The St. Croix ARC meets on the first Saturday of each month at noon at the Deep End Bar & Grill at Green Cay. Occasionally this date is adjusted for holiday weekends or event support.

All matters of interest to the amateur community are welcomed, however discussion of relevant club items are particularly welcomed. This is a directed net. Please only transmit when directed. Again, I am , Ill pause now to let the repeater timer reset.

(DEKEY & PAUSE a few seconds)

Emergency / Priority Traffic

Before we accept check ins, is there any emergency or priority traffic at this time? (PAUSE)

Hearing none, we will continue with check-ins to the net. If you are a short-time check-in, please specify this when checking in. When checking in please provide your call sign, name and organization affiliation, if any. To facilitate check-ins, please space out your check-in transmissions.

This is , now accepting check-ins:

(People will now call in at this time.)

Wait until there’s no more calls checking in, or a big long pause.

Acknowledgement of Check-Ins

This is net control, recognizing the following stations: (For example: Ron, W-2-D-O, (PAUSE), Hank, N-3-H-V, (PAUSE), etc.)

Are there any other stations that I did not copy, or copied incorrectly? Please call now.


We will now move on to announcements. Are there any announcements for the net? Please call now.

1. Recognize announcing station & let them make announcement

2. Thank you (NAME & CALL) for the announcement. Are there any questions regarding this announcement?

3. Do we have any other check-ins (ask after first announcement)

4. Are there any other announcements?

Round table discussion Open to all stations to share

Other Questions Are there any stations with any other questions or information requests for the net?

Closing of the Net – Hearing none we will close the net. I would like to thank all participating stations for their time & cooperation. When ARES is activated, it will occur on this frequency 147.25 MHz.

Again The St. Croix ARC holds its regular meeting on the first Saturday of each month at the Deep End Bar & Grill. This is , your net control closIng the net and returning the frequency to normal use. clear.