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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have regular meetings?

YES! We normally meet the first Saturday of each month. On some occasions we may move it due to local event support or other reasons, but we’ll notify all members and the post it on the website if so. Location: Our standard meeting place is the Deep End bar and grill, Green Cay marina. Turn left as soon as you come through the gate opening in the chain link fence. Follow the access road and turn right just past the tennis courts. The seating area will be just beyond the parking area. We look forward to seeing you there! 8^)

Does it cost to be a member?

Yes… wait for it…

$5… Yes, that’s one Mr. Lincoln per year. So save up those pennies and come on down!


Does the club have/maintain a repeater?

YES! Tune your 2m radio to 147.25 (+) (100Hz tone).

Currently we have one repeater online (“NP2VI”) servicing mid-to-East on the island. It is pending a change of equipment and ID soon.

We also have a second repeater pair, 147.11 (+) (100Hz tone) that is in the final testing stages. It provides limited coverage for dead areas not covered by the existing machine.

Does the club interact with other organizations?

YES! We have a very good working relationship with VITEMA and other local/national organizations. We are becoming involved with ARES-related activities and those relationships as well as supporting local emergency action agencies. Come get your certs for CERT! We also provide mobile and field support for the annual IRONMAN event, as well as being open/available to other events throughout the year.

Is the club involved in “other” radio wave activities?

YES! Our membership enjoys a variety of disciplines and endeavors: phone, CW, digital modes, HF/UHF/VHF, satellite, and more! We’ve also recently gotten involved with the newly developing HSMM-Mesh network technologies!