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QSL Bureau


The U.S. Virgin Islands ARRL section incoming QSL bureau is managed by Fred and Lisa Kleber, K9VV (NP2X) and W4LIS. QSL bureaus from other countries (including the U.S.) send VI in-bound QSLs to the bureau PO Box. The cards are then distributed to the bureau subscribers who have funds and/or envelopes on-file with the bureau. The postal address for the incoming QSL bureau

P.O. Box 25782
Christiansted, VI 00824

Further information on the operation of the bureau can be found on the ARRL website. Although the Incoming Bureau system operates under the guidance of ARRL, you are not required to be an ARRL member to use it. The V.I. QSL Bureau does sell envelope and postage credits. In fact, the V.I. QSL sorters prefer that you send credits (read cash) rather than SASEs since they are easier to keep track of, postage rate changes are much less of a hassle, and we can use exactly the postage which is needed for your shipment. If you send credits, a check payable to Fred Kleber is fine; send cash at your own risk. The funds are credited to your account which is then charged the current envelope cost and face value for postage used. The amount you send depends on the quantity of cards you expect to receive, but most folks send $10 or $20.

We periodically pick up mail from the post office. When you have a sufficient quantity of cards to warrant a mailing (usually 5 or 6 minimum), the cards are mailed to you. A statement of funds in your account is also included so you can monitor your credits with the bureau. Note that stations that operate portable from the VI should have their cards sent via their home bureau. (E.g. W1AW/KP2 or WP2/K1ZZ should go to the W1 and K1 bureaus respectively.)

A word about KV4 calls. KV4 was the previous prefix for the US Virgin Islands. There are currently a total of eight KV4 stations who live in the USVI. (KV4BA, KV4BT, KV4BW, KV4CF, KV4DN, KV4FZ, KV4HR, & KV4KW) ALL OTHER KV4 CARDS SHOULD GO VIA THE STATESIDE KV4 BUREAU. KV4T is *NOT* in the USVI, however we continually receive cards for him.