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NCS Script


  • Opening of the Net – Good evening everyone. Calling the Virgin Islands ARES net, calling the Virgin Islands ARES net, this is <Name>, <Call phonetically> and I will be your net control this evening.  This net meets weekly every Monday at 8 pm on the VI repeater system. All amateurs are welcome to check in.
  • All matters of interest to the amateur community are welcomed, however discussion of relevant club items are particularly welcomed. This is a directed net.  Please only transmit when directed.  Again, I am <Name>, <Call phonetically>.  (DEKEY & PAUSE a few seconds)
  • Emergency / Priority Traffic – Before we accept check-ins, is there any emergency or priority traffic at this time? (PAUSE)  Hearing none, we will continue with check-ins to the net.  I will first take Echolink or IRLP check-ins, followed by general check-ins.   We will take check-ins by island.  When checking in please provide your call sign, name, island, and if you have traffic for the net.  Also if you are a short-time check-in, please specify this when checking in.  To facilitate check-ins, please space out your check-in transmissions.  This is <Name>, <Call phonetically> now accepting any Echolink or IRLP check-ins:
  • Echolink / IRLP check-ins will call in at this time. Pause a LONG time as there is delay.  Wait until there aren’t anymore calls checking in, or a big long pause.  If none, continue to general check-ins.
  • People will now call in at this time.  Wait until there aren’t anymore calls checking in, or a big long pause. 
  • General Check Ins – We will now accept check Ins for the island of XXX.  (Note:  Water Island checks in with St. Thomas)
  • People will now call in at this time. Wait until there aren’t anymore calls checking in, or a big long pause. 
  • Acknowledgement of Check Ins – This is net control, <Call> recognizing the following stations: Read back the list of calls & names you have checked-in.  Are there any other stations that I did not copy, or copied incorrectly?  Please call now.
  • Repeat the check in process for the other two USVI islands.
  • Announcements – We will now move on to announcements. Go to the first station on the list who indicated that they have announcement(s)
    • Recognize announcing station & let them make announcement
    • Thank you (NAME & CALL) for the announcement. Are there any questions regarding this announcement?
    • Do we have any other check-ins (ask after first announcement)
    • Repeater with other stations who have announcements.
  • Other Questions – Are there any stations with any other questions or information requests for the net?
  • Closing of the Net – Hearing none we will close the net. I would like to thank all participating stations for their time & cooperation.  Additional VI-ARES information may be found at the website   This is <Name>, your net control closing the net and returning the frequency to normal use.  <Call>