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Local Nets


VHF / UHF Nets

Virgin Islands Weather Net – Meets daily on the KP2SJ St. John Repeater (146.63 (-) offset, 100Hz PL); 11:00 GMT (7:00 am local) each morning; hams provide 
local weather conditions.  The repeater is located on Bordeaux Mountain.  Get to know your fellow hams (and know that your rig is working!)  Many local boaters also congregate here.

St. Croix ARES Net – Meets weekly on the NP2VI St. Croix repeater.  (147.25 (+) offset, 100 Hz PL); 00:00 GMT (8:00 pm local) every Monday evening. The intent of the net is to ensure storm readiness and to pass information of local interest to local hams. Visitors are encouraged to join. The repeater is located on Mt. Welcome has handheld coverage from certain points on St. Thomas & St. John.

Caribbean DMR Net – Meets on Thursdays at 8pm local AST time (00:00 UTC) on DMR Talkgroup 969. Additional information available at

HF Nets

The Friendly Net  – Meets daily at 10:00z on 7.188 MHz.  There are three sessions:  1)  Ragchew, 2) early bird, and 3) the regular session.  The Friendly Net has grown to become the largest 40-meter net in the Caribbean region.  This net has undergone some changes of late and may not be operational.

Caribbean Emergency Weather Net  – Meets twice daily at 10:30z and 22:30z on 3.815 MHz.  The purpose of the net is to handle emergency and weather traffic at all times. CEWN will be activated to 24 hour operations in case of an emeregency such as hurricane or earthquake per example.  Additional information available at