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All About Ham Radio

Here are some brochures that provide a nice overview of the ARRL and ham radio in general.

ARRL Literature – Hello

Hello?  What is ham radio and where did it come from?  What do hams do?  Who are they?  Why do they do it?  How much does it cost?  This brochure answers all of those questions, and more!

ARRL Literature – We Do That!

This brochure expands on the types of things hams do.  Ham radio is really a big umbrella with lots of ‘sub-hobbies’ and interest segments.  Ham “radio” is not just radio.  It’s computers, software, space communications, medical heading, and more.  Read all about it here!

ARRL Literature – ARES

This brochure is an overview of ARES, or the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.  When it really gets bad, hams might also be supporting other organizations like the VI National Guard, FEMA, or other Federal and Territorial agencies.

ARRL Literature – Serving Your Community

Amateur radio has uses outside of disasters too!  There are many organizations who welcome amateur radio for logistical and other types of communications.  Triathlons, parades, carnival, run-walk events and the like.  Did you know that these events also provide GREAT opportunities to practice the skills that are needed for a disaster?  Read how in this brochure!